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LUNA   luna.m0420@gmail.com
04-07-2014 8:08:29 PM CST

TO BREED/ MAQUILLA 210-843-1171 O' 210-300-4107 NOMBRE: NABUCO EDAD:4 ANOS $: 2,500.00

LUNA   luna.m0420@gmail.com
04-07-2014 7:58:41 PM CST

SE VENDE CABALLO 210-843-1171 O' 210-30-4107 NOMBRE: EL EMPERADOR EDAD:4 ANOS $: 22,000.00 O' MEJOR OFERTA.

LUNA   luna.m0420@gmail.com
04-07-2014 7:42:33 PM CST

SE VENDE CABALLO! NOMBRE: EL ELECTRICO EDAD: 5 ANOS $: 25,000.00 o' mejor oferta. llamen al: 210-843-1171 o' 210-300-4107

Gary Bonner   cprtexas@cs.com
04-04-2014 2:40:02 PM CST

Super Ride XII is sending information to teams interested in competing in the Escaramuza Challenge. June 19-21, 2014. Teams from all countries are invited. 1-972-679-0770 Gary

Gary Bonner   cprtexas@cs.com
04-02-2014 3:26:53 PM CST
If there are any teams willing to share horses with out of country teams, please let us know.

Gary Bonner   cprtexas@cs.com
04-02-2014 3:23:26 PM CST
Escaramuza Challenge June 19-20-21 at the Texas Rose Horse Park. Prize Money $2500 with added money pending sponsorships. Contact me for more information and website for SUPER RIDE . ORG

LUNA   luna.m0420@hotmail.com
03-31-2014 5:17:14 PM CST

LA LUNA FOTOGRAFIA LLamen al 210-300-4107 para mas informacion, o' para programar una session de fotos. foto tomada en: El Bajio 3/31/2014

Luna   luna.m0420@gmail.com
03-31-2014 5:00:26 PM CST

LA LUNA FOTOGRAFIA. llamen al (210)300-4107 para mas informacion o' para programar una sesion de fotos. (foto tomada en: El Bajio 3/31/2014)

Esc. Amazonas
03-29-2014 12:45:26 PM CST
Domingo 30 de Marzo del 2014 Gran Charreada a Beneficio de La Escaramuza Charra Las Amazonas en el Lienzo Charro Los Pedernales 11013 Moore Rd Austin TX 78719. Entrada general $5, LOS ESPERAMOS!

Charros Del Bajio
03-26-2014 5:37:30 AM CST
Charros de Bajio los invita a este domingo 30 de Marzo a una Gran Charreada con la presentacion de Escaramuzas invitadas, tendremos antojitos mexicanos, ambiente totalmente familiar... No falten...

Adriana   a_long37@hotmail.com
03-14-2014 1:40:56 PM CST

Caballo en venta!! Muy bueno para la escaramuza. Da lados y tiene punta. Me pueden hablar al 9403916936 o mandar un email a_long37@hotmail.com

03-13-2014 8:17:46 AM CST
Arnulfo Duran has the coggins test done at Bajio for everyone except the people from San Antonio Charros. Menolo is picking them up on March 13

Escaramuza Charra Las Coronitas   escaramuzacharralascoronitas@yahoo.com
03-10-2014 10:21:25 AM CST
Hola,estamos buscando caballos para escaramuza. Papeles y color no importan, nomas que no tengan mas de 10 anos. Y tambien que sepa dar punta. Nos urge comprar caballo. Gracias!:)

Seminario 2014
03-03-2014 4:51:13 PM CST
Que bonita foto, esto habla mas que mil palabras,un seminario lleno de informacion y convivencia de nuestras hermanas charras. Felicidades Texas y sigan trabajando que mexico las espera.

03-03-2014 11:23:15 AM CST

Seminar 2014 was a great success! A big thanks to everyone who attended and those who made this possible! Hope everyone made it home safely and we will see yall soon for competitions. Good luck to everyone and train hard! VAMOS CON TODO ESCARAMUZAS DE TEXAS!!!!!

02-28-2014 11:01:58 AM CST

To Christina
02-27-2014 11:19:35 PM CST
It will be held in a restaurant, Mamacita's Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

02-27-2014 8:17:22 PM CST
Is the Seminar going to be held in doors? If so what is the name of the facility?

To Sulema
02-26-2014 7:48:08 AM CST
You are doing a great, we elected you, don't worry. Seminar is coming let's go KEEP THE CALM SEMINAR IS HERE

02-25-2014 4:51:35 PM CST
Denle like a la página " dama charra texas" en Facebook .

To Mary
02-25-2014 4:39:22 PM CST
Hi I am the Delegada . I am sorry you feel I am not doing my job. But I will reassure I am . I have rules , protocols, and people above me that I have to obey by. The solely reason I became a Delegada is to let go of negativity injustice amoung other stuff in our state. Again I will reassure my team and I are doing everything in our hands to provide to our state. This website is to show the world our sport and what our state has to offer . The message board in the other hand is a cortesy. Being that the year is staring , I want to start with POSITIVE attitudes. So please if you have any questions feel free to call me , your captain or subdelegada. Thanks

02-25-2014 4:11:11 PM CST
ESCARAMUZA de TEXAS SEMINARIO 2014 AMFITRIONAS: Escaramuza LasRebeldes FECHA: Domingo 2 de Marzo INSTRUCTORA FMDC: Coty Bello LUGAR: Houston TX 19831 Northwest Freeway, Houston Texas 77065 tel:281-469-3663 COSTO: Integrantes $30.00 Visitantes $15.00 (* Equipos deben pagar la cuota de seminario como mínimo por 8 integrantes aunque no estén presentes todas.) ORDEN DEL DIA: domingo 2 de marzo 09:30am – 10:30am Registración 10:30 – 11:00am Bienvenida 11:00am – 01:00pm Seminario Teórico I 01:00pm – 02:00pm Comida 02:00pm – 03:30pm Seminario Teórico II 03:30pm – 04:00pm Clausura del Seminario (*Horario es tentativo y puede cambiar dependiendo del tiempo requerido por la instructora para completar el seminario) PARA MAS INFORMES: Sulema Canales (817)793-8727 Christina Pulido(281) 866-4225

02-24-2014 6:06:21 PM CST
Gracias sinme pueden dar la dirrecion

las rebeldes de houston
02-24-2014 3:07:30 PM CST
We just got the confirmed day for the seminar. It will be this Sunday, March 2 in Houston,Texas. We will keep you updated as we get more information.

02-24-2014 3:07:10 PM CST
Hard a great Charreada yesterday at El Bajio. Seven teams and an escaramuza. The vet did over 40 coggins test. If you get a chance, let him know how appreciated he is. You can get in touch with him at the County Line Animal Hospital. He really helps out. Arnulfo Duran Diana Cervantez and Meliscio Flores all have the application to be in the Battle of Flowers Parade. Contact any of them if you want to ride.

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