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01-21-2014 8:55:37 PM CST
Busco un equipo de escaramuza en la area de fort worth .

01-18-2014 11:19:49 AM CST
The Veterinarian will be at El Bajio on February 23, 2014 at 1 pm for coggings test. You can also get other shots for your horses done that day, but you must let us know a week before so he can bring the medication.

Claudia Flores   clauflores2012@gmail.com
01-15-2014 2:55:38 PM CST
ATTENTION: Escaramuzas HOUSTON, KATY, WALLER Area $$ R E W A R D $$ Hello ladies, i am with the newly formed escaramuza team "Las Tejanas." I recently lost a BRAND NEW albarda ortopédica from the Houston area. I ask for your assistance with this matter. My albarda (ortopédica, 16) has a seal...Talabartería "el caballo moro" from Col. Topochico, Monterrey, N.L. It has not been used and does not have flank cinch. Please, if any of you ladies have been approach by someone trying to sell you described albarda, take the persons info and contact me at any given time. Thank you all for your attention and concern. Claudia and Clemente Flores: 936 253 0365 or 832 404 7439 $$REWARD$$

Esc. Rosario
01-14-2014 11:56:14 AM CST
Se busca 3 albardas en buenas condiciones. Si alguien tiene para vender, se puede comunicar Dulce Barron al (512) 674-1614.

Daniela Avila
01-13-2014 2:56:38 PM CST
Can't Wait For Another Year Of Escaramuza!

Escaramuza Charra Las Coronitas   Lienzocharrosanmiguel@yahoo.com
01-13-2014 10:49:50 AM CST
Hola. Alguien nos puede dar datos de alguien que hace vestidos de escaramuza?

01-12-2014 11:29:41 PM CST
cuanto va costar para federal ?

Charros de Bejar
01-12-2014 6:20:01 AM CST
For those who want to ride in the Stock Show parade on February 1, Arnulfo Duran has the necessary passes and releases. If you want to ride you need to get in touch with him as soon as possible. His phone number is 210-364-9989. Remember you need to dress charro and charra. We will be getting a date for the Coggins test. You need that for transporting horses and the Battle of Fowers Parade.

Sulema Canales
01-11-2014 10:24:27 PM CST
Equipos interesados en federarse por favor comuniquense conmigo lo antes posible ya que la fecha limite es Febrero 10 y nesecito la papeleria para el 8 de Febrero yo les mandare mas informacion via e-mail o mensage de texto.Las formas para federar estaran en este sitio. sulemavalencia@gmail.com o al 8177938727 Gracias

To Cristina
01-11-2014 1:43:17 AM CST
Yes Cristina, World Series will be in Fort Worth, all teams are invited, inscription is open till April 1st the cost is 1000.00 more information will be post.

Blue Bonnet Boutique   bluebonnetboutiquetx@gmail.com
01-10-2014 5:14:25 PM CST

Happy New Year 2014 a toda la familia charra de texas y todos los estados Unidos de America, estamos invitando que nos visiten Blue Bonnet Boutique/Bridal 20115 Somerset Rd # 3 Somerset Texas 78069 (830)429-7033 o (210) 887-7335 tenemos todo lo que la familia charra nesecita para su uso personal y sus caballos, nos gustaria que nos dieran la oportunidad de servirles todo lo que ofrecemos esta aprovado por la Federacion Charra, gracias una servidora Rosa Martha Lopez

LAS REBELDES   las.rebeldes@yahoo.com
01-07-2014 9:43:14 PM CST

ATTENTION LADIES! Escaramuza charra Las Rebeldes de Houston, Tx are looking for new riders in the Houston/Waller area who are looking to be apart of a team. We are constantly performing at events and practice a lot, therefore we are looking for ladies with a willingness to ride and commit themselves to the team. We require you to have a horse being that little can be done on an equestrian team with no horse. We prefer experienced riders, however we do have a trainer so experience is not required. If you are interested or have any questions please call/text 832 334 8253 or 281 866 4225.

LAS REBELDES   las.rebeldes@yahoo.com
01-07-2014 9:38:56 PM CST

ATTENCION DAMAS ESCARAMUZERAS: Escaramuza Charra Las Rebeldes de Houston,Tx buscan integrantes nuevas en el Houston y Waller area que quieran ser parte de un equipo .Este equipo tiene muchas presentaciones y practicamos mucho asi que por favor mujeres de buen caraccter que sean responsables y cumplan con sus compromisos. Obligatorio tener caballo! Seria preferible que tengan experiencia de montar. Interesadas por favor de llamar a 832 334 8253 o 281 866 4225. Solo trae tu caballo y vente lista a echarle muchas ganas!!

Escaramuza Charra Las Coronitas   lienzocharrosanmiguel@yahoo.com
01-07-2014 11:42:30 AM CST
Hello! We are Escaramuza Charra Las Coronitas, we used to go by Las Adelitas but we changed the name. We are looking for girls in and around the Lubbock and Plainview, TX areas for girls who are interested in riding this year. We will not be competing yet but we will be presenting at coleaderos in the Panhandle area. We are trying to spread the word about escaramuza in this area since not a lot of people know what it is. We are looking for girls of all ages and must have a horse. You must know how to ride and handle a horse. You do not have to be experienced in riding in escaramuza. Just be willing to actually come to practices and events! Thank you!

01-06-2014 6:16:23 PM CST
Hay alguien k me pueda decir donde puedo comprar los boletos para world series charreria, me urge saver gracias. Y FELIZ AÑO NUEVO A TODAS MIS COMPAÑERAS CHARRAS! !

Dana   Dannacasanova@yahoo.com
12-26-2013 10:04:50 PM CST
Yegua para escaramuza en venta en el area de Houston. Es excelente para escaramuza. Interesadas mandar mensaje a dannacasanova@yahoo.com Escaramuza mare for sale in the Houston area. It is an excellent horse. For more info. Email me at dannacasanova@yahoo.com

ALexis   lexistars@gmail.com
12-16-2013 5:03:37 PM CST

Hello Ladies, I am relocating to Dallas at the start of the year. I have been away from riding for 7-8 years but I would like to get back into riding on a team maybe. is there any contacts or lienzos I should get in touch with? Thank you Lexistars@gmail.com

12-09-2013 4:20:27 PM CST
Indomables do you ladies plan on federating this upcoming year?

12-05-2013 5:02:09 PM CST
 INDOMABLES are looking for girlS who wants to join a new team in austin tx. All we ask is dedication, willing to learn and to have your own horse. YOU MUST LOVE THE SPORT!!!! Se buska una intergrante para completar un nuevo equipo en austin tx. requisito que tenga su propio caballo, ganas de aprender y dedicasion!!! AMOR AL DEPORTE Y SIN OFENDER QUE NO SEA MONTADORA DE OCASION!!! CALL (512)699-1024 OR (512)354-0885

Gary Bonner   cprtexas@cs.com
12-05-2013 12:01:36 AM CST
I need a person to contact the Escaramuza teams and make sure they are invited to the competition. Please contact me if you can do this. 972-679-0770

Gary Bonner   cprtexas@cs.com
12-04-2013 11:56:03 PM CST
All Escaramuza Teams are invited to Super Ride XII to compete for prizes. June 19-21, 2013. Stalls, RV spots and nice arenas. contact Gary 972-679-0770

Charritaahh   gabby_1728@hotmail.com
12-04-2013 9:57:53 PM CST
Heey girls estoy vendiendo una alvarda esta casi nueva solo la use poco tiempo .. si tienen alguna pregunta contactenme gabby_1728@hotmail.com

12-04-2013 12:01:06 PM CST
which new escaramuzas plan to federate next year? were very excited to see a lot of new ones joining us!!!!

North West San Antonio   loneoakranch.otto@aol.com
12-01-2013 12:27:05 AM CST
EDIT TO PREVIOUS MESSAGE!!! I put the wrong number, I am sooooooooooooooo sorry for any awkwardness I might've caused if someone was trying to reach me! My number is 210-875-6754. Again, I am so, so sorry!

Mariajose cervantes   mariajose_cervantes@hotmail.com
11-28-2013 9:17:49 PM CST
Quisiera saber si alguien sabe de alguna escaramuza en Laredo Texas si saben porfavor mandeme un mensaje a mariajose_cervantes@hotmail.com Gracias!!!

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