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Alma Flores   almaflores83@yahoo.com
01-03-2011 12:01:12 PM CST
Se les hace una invitacion a todas las damas interesadas en formar parte de una escaramuza…La escaramuza charra Las Generalas…nos gustaria mucho poder participar en competencia este año 2011 y necesitamos integrantes para completar nuestro equipo. Si estan interesadas pueden comunicarse con Alma Flores al 210-897-5713.

12-30-2010 8:50:53 PM CST
ARTICLE 63: "It is important that we dress appropriately respecting the charro traditions. The following are prohibited in part or in whole: to combine the charro wardrobe with jackets; or western accessories or civilian clothes; to let down your hair; dress only partially in your wardrobe; use sunglasses; exhibit yourself in undergarments; use caps or non-charro hats; use ornamental piercings visible on any part of the body other than the ears. We should be an example worthy of our wardrobe and display it appropriately."

12-29-2010 7:28:11 PM CST

el mismo con otra camisa

12-29-2010 7:28:07 PM CST

el mismo con otra camisa

12-29-2010 7:07:48 PM CST

este tambien contiene rebozo moño fajin falda y camisera el segundo olan es de unas enredaderas de flores

12-29-2010 7:05:27 PM CST

se venden dos vestidos de escaramuza a buen precio para mas informes mya_1206@hotmail.com este trae en el pecho una yegua con su potrito en punto de cruz contiene falda camisera reboso moño fajin

Randy Janssen
12-24-2010 12:19:56 PM CST
Anyone who wants to ride in the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Parade on January 29, needs to contact Randy Janssen at 846-8757 for the forms before January 15. Also the Charros de Bejar will be in the Battle of Flowers Parade, and if you want to ride in it you need to sign up and have a coggins test before March 1. Only 20 spaces are available.

12-22-2010 7:22:42 AM CST
Beatriz, Como estas? Gracias por darnos otra oportunidad a comunicarnos via dama charra. A todas mis companeras por favor utilicen esto para bien de todas nosotras, gracias :D

Beatriz Flores   flores_beatriz@yahoo.com
12-20-2010 2:30:01 PM CST
Se solicitan damas para completar equipos en: SAN ANTONIO TX, BURLESON TX y HOUSTON TX. Porfavor de mandar un email para mas informes.

Beatriz Flores
12-15-2010 8:31:12 PM CST
JUNTA ESTATAL DE ESCARAMUZA TX: Sabado 22 de Enero 2011 a las 2:00PM Agave Mexican Restaurant 3302 Pleasonton Rd San Antonio, TX 78221 para mas informes 281-932-6695

Beatriz Flores   flores_beatriz@yahoo.com
12-13-2010 7:11:16 PM CST
Our website has not been updated in a long while but I will be making it current by the end of December so that we can kick off 2011 with correct information. Please email me any pics and info you would like to see on this site or your team's page. Thanks

Beatriz Flores   flores_beatriz@yahoo.com
12-13-2010 7:08:03 PM CST
I am so excited that we have so many new teams and so much escaramuza activity going on that I have reconsidered the use of the Message Board on our site. Please use it to post your fundraisers, team activities, ferias and positive words of encouragement to other teams. Please Be Kind and Respectful, I do not want to have to remove it permanently. It is for the use of ALL ESCARAMUZA in TEXAS!

12-13-2010 3:29:49 PM CST
glad to see the message board is up again!!

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