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03-03-2014 11:23:15 AM CST

Seminar 2014 was a great success! A big thanks to everyone who attended and those who made this possible! Hope everyone made it home safely and we will see yall soon for competitions. Good luck to everyone and train hard! VAMOS CON TODO ESCARAMUZAS DE TEXAS!!!!!

02-28-2014 11:01:58 AM CST

To Christina
02-27-2014 11:19:35 PM CST
It will be held in a restaurant, Mamacita's Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

02-27-2014 8:17:22 PM CST
Is the Seminar going to be held in doors? If so what is the name of the facility?

To Sulema
02-26-2014 7:48:08 AM CST
You are doing a great, we elected you, don't worry. Seminar is coming let's go KEEP THE CALM SEMINAR IS HERE

02-25-2014 4:51:35 PM CST
Denle like a la página " dama charra texas" en Facebook .

To Mary
02-25-2014 4:39:22 PM CST
Hi I am the Delegada . I am sorry you feel I am not doing my job. But I will reassure I am . I have rules , protocols, and people above me that I have to obey by. The solely reason I became a Delegada is to let go of negativity injustice amoung other stuff in our state. Again I will reassure my team and I are doing everything in our hands to provide to our state. This website is to show the world our sport and what our state has to offer . The message board in the other hand is a cortesy. Being that the year is staring , I want to start with POSITIVE attitudes. So please if you have any questions feel free to call me , your captain or subdelegada. Thanks

02-25-2014 4:11:11 PM CST
ESCARAMUZA de TEXAS SEMINARIO 2014 AMFITRIONAS: Escaramuza LasRebeldes FECHA: Domingo 2 de Marzo INSTRUCTORA FMDC: Coty Bello LUGAR: Houston TX 19831 Northwest Freeway, Houston Texas 77065 tel:281-469-3663 COSTO: Integrantes $30.00 Visitantes $15.00 (* Equipos deben pagar la cuota de seminario como mínimo por 8 integrantes aunque no estén presentes todas.) ORDEN DEL DIA: domingo 2 de marzo 09:30am – 10:30am Registración 10:30 – 11:00am Bienvenida 11:00am – 01:00pm Seminario Teórico I 01:00pm – 02:00pm Comida 02:00pm – 03:30pm Seminario Teórico II 03:30pm – 04:00pm Clausura del Seminario (*Horario es tentativo y puede cambiar dependiendo del tiempo requerido por la instructora para completar el seminario) PARA MAS INFORMES: Sulema Canales (817)793-8727 Christina Pulido(281) 866-4225

02-24-2014 6:06:21 PM CST
Gracias sinme pueden dar la dirrecion

las rebeldes de houston
02-24-2014 3:07:30 PM CST
We just got the confirmed day for the seminar. It will be this Sunday, March 2 in Houston,Texas. We will keep you updated as we get more information.

02-24-2014 3:07:10 PM CST
Hard a great Charreada yesterday at El Bajio. Seven teams and an escaramuza. The vet did over 40 coggins test. If you get a chance, let him know how appreciated he is. You can get in touch with him at the County Line Animal Hospital. He really helps out. Arnulfo Duran Diana Cervantez and Meliscio Flores all have the application to be in the Battle of Flowers Parade. Contact any of them if you want to ride.

Poca Informacion sobre Seminario
02-24-2014 11:22:22 AM CST
No es culpa de la delegada lo de el seminario. El Seminario se hace en cuanto la federacion de Mexico nos aprueve tod y nos mande las fechas. Habra mas informacion pronto. Pero lo que si les puedo decir por ahorita es que se vistan de adelitas/escaramuzas y sera en Houston Tx.

Griselda- Arreos.
02-24-2014 10:49:14 AM CST
$1,800 para el set completo para 8.

Griselda Para Adriana
02-23-2014 10:34:54 PM CST
A cuanto vende el set Rojo con negro ?

Adriana   a_long37@hotmail.com
02-23-2014 5:36:55 PM CST
Hola muchachas, estoy vendiendo dos sets de arreos. Uno es negro con gris y se han usados nomás 3 veces. Y el otro set está completamente nuevo nunca usado y son colores negro con rojo. Me pueden hablar o mandar mensaje al 9403916936 si están interesadas.

Para Mary
02-23-2014 2:43:41 AM CST
Hola Mary, mi equipó esta buscando niñas para competir este año. Me puedes mandar un email cristy_pulido@yahoo.com Gracias!

02-22-2014 5:51:36 PM CST
I also want to know the details about Seminario!?

02-22-2014 12:04:43 PM CST

02-22-2014 12:03:37 PM CST
Why isn't there any more information about the seminario?? I need to know if patents are welcomed and do we have to pay something etc. What's the attire?? I don't feel this deligada is doing her job. Everything is last min.

02-20-2014 12:59:06 PM CST

BuscoUn Equipo
02-20-2014 1:17:43 AM CST

Escaramuceras Nuevas
02-18-2014 8:26:13 PM CST
Hola! Buscamos a 2 integrantes escaramuzeras. Nuestro equipo se encuentra en el Sur de San Antonio. Si tienes espiritu competitivo, estar en un ambiente amistoso y 100% de familia, llamanos. En el año tenemos muchas presentaciones e invitaciones a eventos culturales en la ciudad de San Antonio. Los requisitos son: Tener buena monta, caballo propio, ganas de competir y hacer nuevas amigas. Para mas informacion favor de llamar al 210-257-8007

Texas A&M by rmj
02-18-2014 1:16:53 PM CST
Researchers from Texas A&M University in College Station are conducting a case study with various groups and individuals in your community that have some type of connection to the San Antonio Missions. The main purpose of the study is to better understand the role that the Missions play in this community, and listen to your thoughts regarding this iconic national landmark. To achieve our study objectives, we are conducting a series of interviews with people in San Antonio. I would like to extend an invitation for you to participate in an interview at the Mission Branch Public Library on February 22. The library is located at 3134 Roosevelt Avenue in San Antonio. The interview will take approximately 30-45 minutes. In appreciation of your time, you will be given a $25 Visa Gift Card at the completion of the interview. Participation in the interview is by invitation only, and we will need you to sign a consent form to take part in the interview. No names will be used in the study results and all interviews will be kept confidential. Your involvement in this study is critical to its success and to learning more about the San Antonio Missions. We hope you would consider participating in our study so we can work out a future date/time. If you are unable to participate, we understand. If you know of other individuals from the community that would be appropriate to talk with, we would like to have their contact information to extend this invitation to them as well. Again, thank you for considering our request. If you have any questions about this project, please let us know. We are looking forward to talking with you in the near future. Sincerely, Guillermo Barthel MS Student Natural Resources Development Department of Recreation, Park & Tourism Sciences Texas A&M University

danna casanova   dannacasanova@yahoo.com
02-15-2014 8:13:40 PM CST
Se remata yegua a $1,500. Es muy triste para mi tener que dehacerme de mi yegua a causa de una emergencia familiar. tiene 12 años y tiene un valor aproximado de entre 3,500-4,000. Estoy en el area de Houston. interesados favor de mandarme un correo electronico a dannacasanova@yahoo.com Mare on sale for 1,500. it is very sad for me to have to sell my mare because of a family emergency. Shes 12yrs old and is worth between 3500-4000.im In the Houston area. please contact me via email to dannacasanova@yahoo.com

02-15-2014 11:12:58 AM CST
We were contacted by a writer for Sports Illustrated. He says he is coming to the Charreada next week at El Bajio. Remember the vet will be there at 1:00 pm for coggins test. If you want more shots, we need to know as soon as possible.

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